Thursday, May 27, 2004

Covan is the worst moving company of all time. We finally got moved in and they only managed to damage the things of value to me, both financially and sentimentally. This was also after three days of delay from when they were going to pick-up in Enterprise. I feel sick every time I look at my gandmother's dining room table which appears as if someone took a hammer to it. So life lesson number one: Don't use Covan or Coleman American to move your items unless of course you really do not care about them and it will be okay if they destroy everything. Life lesson number two is to unpack all of your kitchen items before you try and pick aplace for them to be. The new kitchen is twice as big as ours was in Mobile and yet there is not enough room for everything.
I put together our new entertainment armoire yesterday with a little bit of help from Brian. It rocks. I now have to go and get my fill of digital cable. I have missed the first fifteen minutes of a Buffy rerun. Got to go catch up and read my People Magazine.
By the way our new house rocks!!!