Sunday, May 02, 2004

From Heather- We spent all day packing stuff and Brian took a load of junk to Goodwill. Apparently if you pull out a table and the leg falls off they won't take it at Goodwill. Oh well, trash day is this week.
I repacked all of my grandmother's gifts to us, except for the linens. In addition the George foreman grill and the waffle iron are stowed away. I also dug up my Boll Weevil plates and packed those away.
I am trying to strip my great-grandmother's old mission rocker. Any tips? I just keep burning myself with the stripper and the heat gun has taken off all the paint. Chemical burns hurt like nothing else by the way. You rub your arm in the goo and it feels wet and cool, then it starts to burn and then you have to run immediately for the bathroom to rinse it off. I kicked the cat running in and he got all puffy and wouldn't come out of hiding for an hour. Poor kitty. I hope I didn't spill any stripper on him.
I have to work on my knitting tomorrow. I am going to make my mother-in-law's gift tomorrow while I sell SKIT NITE TICKETS.
Skit nite is Thursday, it will ba a good time for all, more on that later


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