Saturday, May 08, 2004

From Heather-
Today we became doctors. I thought that I would feel different, but I don't. Just frightened about starting July 1st. And a little stressed out about the upcoming move. Brian says he feels more obnoxious; he is threatening to email the real estate agent (not that we like her anyway) and telling her that all future emails should be addressed to Dr. Hard. The last day I walked out of the hospital seemed to be a bigger, if unrecognized, day.
On the plus side we got REALLY REALLY big diplomas, they had to go in the back of the Xterra they were so big. I also got to wear a really "pretty robe" at least according to the education major I bummed hairpins off of for my hat.
The skit night went amazingly well, even if I was the people the caterers came up to and told me about the drunks in the parking lot. Otherwise it was funny, except for the Shirley Q Liquor thing that we played "for free." It went over like a lead balloon. Otherwise everybody had a great time.
I just wanted to thank everyone who has supported us, loved us, and who listened to all of our stories. It has been a long hard road and even though I know it is just going to get steeper, I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.


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