Sunday, May 16, 2004

From Heather-
Brian is out buying more boxes. The kitchen is almost packed away. We are eating off of paper plates and plastic cups. We also have the danger cats helping us along.
Bullet is seriously freaking out because he has to make his way through three feet of newsprint to get to his food bowl. He also thinks that boxes are for use as scratching post. He can claw through a double-walled box in five seconds. Athena just sits in the middle of the floor where you can't move without stepping over her and then she periodically hisses at whatever is closest by, her brother, Brian, me, her shadow. I guess we are all getting a bit more nervous about our move.
The biggest thing is not knowing what day our truck is coming. So everything has to be packed by Tuesday but we may not move until Thursday. Brian and I both feel so behind. Anyway more moving updates to come.