Sunday, May 30, 2004

Well, we finally opened the last box yesterday. Most of the boxes have been emptied, though others have left behind piles of books in the floor that are awaiting bookshelf room. I've decided that I enjoy yardwork. Of course, it has rained here more in the past week than it did in Mobile during the previous month. Very bizarre. We don't quite have the tallest grass on the street, but it's getting there. I guess we'll be buying a lawnmower as soon as it stops raining this afternoon.

There is a bird nest on the rail of our deck and last night at Joseph-Beth (the best bookstore ever)we looked in a bird field guide and figured out that it is a pair of mourning doves that have made that nest and that within a week the eggs should hatch.

On a related note, the nearby Arby's has a duck. There is a duck that lives in and around the Arby's parking lot. Sometimes it's in the bushes and sometimes it's in the middle of the parking lot. I asked the employee at the counter about it and she said it's been living there for a while. Interesting.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Covan is the worst moving company of all time. We finally got moved in and they only managed to damage the things of value to me, both financially and sentimentally. This was also after three days of delay from when they were going to pick-up in Enterprise. I feel sick every time I look at my gandmother's dining room table which appears as if someone took a hammer to it. So life lesson number one: Don't use Covan or Coleman American to move your items unless of course you really do not care about them and it will be okay if they destroy everything. Life lesson number two is to unpack all of your kitchen items before you try and pick aplace for them to be. The new kitchen is twice as big as ours was in Mobile and yet there is not enough room for everything.
I put together our new entertainment armoire yesterday with a little bit of help from Brian. It rocks. I now have to go and get my fill of digital cable. I have missed the first fifteen minutes of a Buffy rerun. Got to go catch up and read my People Magazine.
By the way our new house rocks!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2004

We have moved. Kentucky has welcomed us.

Or at least, I have moved. Heather is still in Alabama and thanks to the worst moving company fiasco of all time, 98% of our belongings are hopefully somewhere in Alabama, Tennessee, or Kentucky. I am sitting in our house with a computer and the spare TV. Thanks to Insight Communications though I have internet and digital cable. Few things are more humorous than the power of digital cable connected to a 20 year old 13 inch TV sitting on the floor with no furniture. I also have a cooler full of ice and drinks sitting where the refrigerator is destined to take its place of honor Monday morning. I also went to Wal-Mart and bought some basic gardening tools to while away the daylight hours. I've discovered that I thoroughly enjoy pruning the overgrown shrubbery in the backyard that is blocking the entrance to the garage. Now that I have ice and a cooler, I can begin making margaritas. Than the shrubbery should get molded into some interesting shapes. There are some minor cosmetic things I could do inside the house, except those require tools, and well, we don't know what state those are in, now do we?

Anyway, tally-ho and later

Sunday, May 16, 2004

From Heather-
Brian is out buying more boxes. The kitchen is almost packed away. We are eating off of paper plates and plastic cups. We also have the danger cats helping us along.
Bullet is seriously freaking out because he has to make his way through three feet of newsprint to get to his food bowl. He also thinks that boxes are for use as scratching post. He can claw through a double-walled box in five seconds. Athena just sits in the middle of the floor where you can't move without stepping over her and then she periodically hisses at whatever is closest by, her brother, Brian, me, her shadow. I guess we are all getting a bit more nervous about our move.
The biggest thing is not knowing what day our truck is coming. So everything has to be packed by Tuesday but we may not move until Thursday. Brian and I both feel so behind. Anyway more moving updates to come.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Tired of packing. Tired of getting calls from the real estate agent. I suppose she's a good agent, because she's going to lengths to keep us informed of every little development. Which is really annoying when it's little things that don't matter.

Book recommendations? How about 100 Suns. It's a book of photographs following the early developments of our nuclear program, specifically photos of the blasts themselves, hence the name. Don't misunderstand, this is not a history of the nuclear program at all, in fact, there aren't that many words in the book. And what words there are, are there to describe the pictures. Some of the pictures are truly amazing though. Many of the pictures might be available elsewhere and better histories are available, but this is a very pretty book, great for a coffee table.

Monday, May 10, 2004

So I found out about 30 seconds ago that Blogger changed its interface. So far I am not impressed. Seems slower. Whatever.

Paperwork. That has been the name of the game today. Lots of it. It's a common assumption that residency programs own their residents. I think I might have actually signed over title to my life today. Somewhere between the drug policy, the email account setup, employee health history, ACLS certification, parking permit application, security badge application, and the 5 insurance application forms, I think I really might have signed away title to my life unwittingly.

I had a serious moment (hour) of panic when I realized that my social security card was not where I've always kept it. After finally giving up on ever finding it (and these forms have a deadline), I got online and discovered how frighteningly easy it is to obtain a social security card. Please people, shred ANYTHING that has your SSN number on it. That number plus any fake piece of photo ID can get them a card, and you can imagine how far that can take someone.

On the brighter side of paperwork, there was a form to get season tickets at UK, for football. UK plays some home games against interesting teams this year, including Alabama and Georgia. I could thoroughly enjoy watching UK beat Alabama. Or at least watching the moronic look on Shula's face never change. Even better is that Auburn will come visit in 2005, when I might actually have time to go to the game. A speck of orange in a sea of light blue. Awesome.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

From Heather-
Today we became doctors. I thought that I would feel different, but I don't. Just frightened about starting July 1st. And a little stressed out about the upcoming move. Brian says he feels more obnoxious; he is threatening to email the real estate agent (not that we like her anyway) and telling her that all future emails should be addressed to Dr. Hard. The last day I walked out of the hospital seemed to be a bigger, if unrecognized, day.
On the plus side we got REALLY REALLY big diplomas, they had to go in the back of the Xterra they were so big. I also got to wear a really "pretty robe" at least according to the education major I bummed hairpins off of for my hat.
The skit night went amazingly well, even if I was the people the caterers came up to and told me about the drunks in the parking lot. Otherwise it was funny, except for the Shirley Q Liquor thing that we played "for free." It went over like a lead balloon. Otherwise everybody had a great time.
I just wanted to thank everyone who has supported us, loved us, and who listened to all of our stories. It has been a long hard road and even though I know it is just going to get steeper, I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004


When exactly did this become an event in the US?

Anyway, skit night has become quite the headache. I am by no means a computer guru, but I'm being treated as one because I'm capable of converting recorded skits from one movie format to another at the click of a button. I hope the powers that be running this show realize that I'm not sitting there all night tomorrow clicking mouse buttons instead of pouring various fabulous mixed drinks down the hatch.

So graduation is what, 3 days away or something. I was way more excited about my last day of clinical responsibilities as a medical student than I am about graduating. Though I will be officially an MD, theoretically capable of treating even your medical problems. ;)

So myself and another guy in our class were sharing pictures of our soon-to-be homes today. Incredibly sad. I'm not sure why, but it is.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

From Heather- We spent all day packing stuff and Brian took a load of junk to Goodwill. Apparently if you pull out a table and the leg falls off they won't take it at Goodwill. Oh well, trash day is this week.
I repacked all of my grandmother's gifts to us, except for the linens. In addition the George foreman grill and the waffle iron are stowed away. I also dug up my Boll Weevil plates and packed those away.
I am trying to strip my great-grandmother's old mission rocker. Any tips? I just keep burning myself with the stripper and the heat gun has taken off all the paint. Chemical burns hurt like nothing else by the way. You rub your arm in the goo and it feels wet and cool, then it starts to burn and then you have to run immediately for the bathroom to rinse it off. I kicked the cat running in and he got all puffy and wouldn't come out of hiding for an hour. Poor kitty. I hope I didn't spill any stripper on him.
I have to work on my knitting tomorrow. I am going to make my mother-in-law's gift tomorrow while I sell SKIT NITE TICKETS.
Skit nite is Thursday, it will ba a good time for all, more on that later