Monday, April 26, 2004

Well, we packed our first box today. We still are not moving for another month, but I think tonight we realized, "Wow, we need a whole lot more boxes and we need to pack faster." It's amazing how stuff just starts coming out of the walls and filling boxes.

On a related note, the inspection report came back on the new house and there were no major problems. Yippie!!

Blue Bell now has a Mardi Gras flavored ice cream. I highly recommend trying it before it goes out of season.

Moment of reality Friday night. We're downtown at a restaurant. As we're getting out of the car, some homeless guy tries to get my attention and I successfully ignore him. About 30 minutes later he happens to come into the restaurant that we're at and starts asking the waiter (small restaurant) if he can wash dishes for $5. However, he does so in a very aggressive way, especially for the poor waiter who barely speaks English. So he calls the manager, who quickly gets the guy to leave. About 15-20 minutes later we hear some yelling outside and then here somebody getting thrown against the window. Turns out it was the homeless guy throwing the manager against the outside window. After the manager pulls out his gun though, the homeless guy scurries away. And eventually the police stroll up and look around for the guy. We talked to the manager afterwards to find out what happened and apparently this homeless guy is part of TRA (Train Riders of America). Get this, it is a gang for homeless people. No shit. Street-word has it that these are pretty bad dudes. Anyway, just another Friday night in downtown. Less than four weeks until we move.


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