Thursday, April 29, 2004

Hooray, hooray. The appraisal on the new house came in at exactly what we had already agreed to pay for it. Excellent. Why am I so excited? Because that was the last potential stumbling block in buying our new house. Had it come in significantly lower than our offered purchase price, we would have had to renegotiate with sellers that aren't particularly intelligent. That could have gotten ugly.

After yesterday's experience, I'm not sure that I recommend tennis and racketball in the same afternoon, with no intervening food. Just a thought.

Guess what I found in my wallet this week? A $10 bill dated from 1974. For paper currency, that is ancient. Try finding anything older than 1999, maybe 1997 in your wallets. Paper currency wears very quickly. It almost begs knowing the story of where this thing lay hidden all those years, almost like the one true ring....maybe that's a stretch.


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