Tuesday, April 27, 2004

From Heather: Today is my dad's 65th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!
We heard back from the psycho real estate lady and the sellers decided that the repairs we asked to be made were ok. Of coure the silly people we are buying the house from couldn't understand why we wanted the leak in the roof repaired since they were buying a home warrenty for the house. Of couse the warrenty isn't valid on pre-existing things. They also can't understand why the ivy they have growing up the side of the WOOD house is a detriment.
We have now packed a total of five boxes. All of our wedding china and crystal, all of the Jewel Tea dishes from my grandmother (what are we going to do with those); almost all of the knickknacks in the house; and all of the little pictures that were up on the walls.


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