Sunday, April 04, 2004

The Andromeda Strain

Here I am to provide another update on my illness. I am tempted to go rent The Andromeda Strain today in honor of this illness which will undoubtedly finish me off soon, but dammit, I've already seen that movie too many times.

My snot is now bloody (probably been using too much decongestant). My left eye was matted shut by goo this morning. I coughed up something that looked like rancid cream cheese, but that only happened once. Despite all this, I don't actually feel all that bad. Except for one detail: either my ear canals or Eustachian tubes are blocked off by hardened mucus so I can't hear very well, except for things that occur within my body, which echo. Even my footsteps reverberate within my cranium. Extremely annoying.

For anyone who know me, you're probably aware that I don't really get sick too often. One side effect is that because I don't feel like doing much else, and it actually distracts me from coughing, I've been playing a lot of Desert Combat. I must admit there is a very guilty pleasure in becoming proficient in bringing down helicopters with Stinger missiles.


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