Monday, March 29, 2004

Today was a simple but good day. There's nothing quite like getting up early and getting your day started and on top of that to find out that clinic for the day has been cancelled. As well as for tomorrow.

So, we started packing in earnest today. Actually putting things into boxes that will not be unpacked until they arrive in Lexington, which date is still probably 6 weeks away. At the rate we're going, today is definitely not too early to start though.

Problem: Heather and I have a ton of books some of which are either duplicates since we've had pretty much the same academic coursework or just plain old useless to us and taking up space and we don't want to move them. Bookstores won't buy them back and selling them on eBay is not worth the effort. I doubt people shopping at Goodwill want to read about Immunology and Physiology.

Solution: Donate them to our high school library. For it to be only across town, this was only the third time since graduation that I've been back on campus. Looks remarkably unchanged. As a bonus reward for our tax-deductible donation we got a tour of the newly finished auditorium. Looks great. For additional donations of $100-$1000 we could get our names engraved on chairs in the auditorium. Thanks, but no thanks.


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