Monday, March 15, 2004

So, I got that first post out of the way. This won't technically be a one-hit wonder, although tomorrow will decide if it is a one-day wonder or not. That out of the way, I also figured out how to make the time-stamp realize that this is the Central Time Zone. Outstanding.

Congratulations to Taylor on the wedding. Beautiful event. However, I am curious how long it takes to get that much saran wrap off of a car. :) Austin was an interesting city. Texas big.

Congratulations also to my wonderful wife Heather who matched to her residency program today. It's nice that we can actually be in the same place next year and are greatly looking forward to moving, knowing with all certainty embedded in a legal contract that we will both be in Lexington. Not to mention that UK is a number one seed in the tournament. Also, we can now move full speed ahead with homebuying maneuvers. This is very exciting for us. Match day on Thursday will now be very anticlimactic, which considering the unusual situation that we had, is exactly what we wanted.

Ah, yes, I almost forgot to mention a story from the hospital today, as has been requested by some readers. Any identifying factors are changed in any of my stories, for anyone paranoid about the security of private information. These stories will be about as specific as saying "that blonde-headed lady from Mississippi". HIPAA.
I met Jesus today. Or at least a guy responding to that name. I didn't actually have anything to do with this gentleman's care, just observed that there was a guy on a gurney in the hallway (our hospital is broke) chatting with the nice nurse about how he is Jesus and his people are wandering in the desert. I realize that that's not much of a story, but hey, I worked a short shift today. And somehow, if one steps back and thinks about that scenario for a moment, that story seems more meaningful without knowing the beginning or the ending of it. It's open to metaphysical interpretation. Maybe he, as a poor man with a message, really was Jesus laying on that gurney. Or maybe he was just high on something, schizophrenic, or delirious from any number of other causes. Holy cow, that was way deeper than I meant to think.


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