Friday, March 26, 2004

I just want to add that I'm incredibly humored that my banner ad is now for constipation relief and has a related search for green stool. That's what I get for certain stories, huh?

And without going as inanely on and on as I just did, that if you really want to feel screwed as a consumer, talk to a few mortgage agents. I have talked to some very sketcky people in the last two days. One guy wanted to connect a mortgage to a life insurance policy and take out a second loan and use that to invest in some off-shore scheme and that would make more than enough to pay off the first loan. No f***ing way I getting involved in that level of crap. The icing on the cake was when he mentioned that his "twin brother" is a realtor who has incredible negotiating skills and can talk homesellers into anything. After talking to this guy for 10 minutes I had to get some towel to wipe the snake oil and bullshit off of the phone.


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