Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Brian has finally come down with my mono. Though he insists that he doesn't. I cannot believe the timing our bodies have. I was sick for the whole, long evil interview process and he will be sick for our move, graduation and house buying trip. Stupid immune system

Now for my rant of the day: Those people with kids or those people who want to have kids, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF PETE CHILD PROOF YOUR HOME!!!

I am on peds radiology and saw a film yesterday of a kid who had a history of possibly swallowing a penny. The film not only showed a coin in the kid's stomach it also showed a sharp, pointy screw bright as day in his colon. So this kid could have had the screw poke a hole in his gut on its trip to his diaper, thus causing him a painful surgery and a long course of antibiotics at the very least. All because his mom or whoever didn't bother to pick up the floor.

So the take home point is toddlers put bright shiny things in their mouths and have very little judgment about swallowing things. They need parents to watch out for them. It could be worse a suppose, like maybe an electric cord that the kid chewed through.


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